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Rapide S Coupe

Rapide S Coupe

This is the Second test drive within a week, and for what other than another iconic Aston martin. This time I got the opportunity to take the four door elegant Rapide S Coupe for a drive.

I have never seen a four door car look this sexy. Something about the shape of the Rapide S makes you feel like you are getting in to space craft rather than car, the fancy key going in to the key slot reminds you of super man’s world. The low seat with the seat belt slot low in the seat and with the seat adjustment control in the middle panels, over all makes this a very comfortable seating. The leg space is roomy,

True to the Aston martin tradition, the engine roars, as soon as you press the key in to its slot , you feel the 6.0 litre V12 engines come to life and sends 552 bhp to an 8 speed automatic, ready to go from 0-62 mph in 4-4 sec . Once on the road , she glides as though she owns the road.

Did I dare to push it the maximum speed of203 MHP limit?

When I felt the power of the Rapide S coupe, I realized that the look of luxury and comfort could be very deceptive, hiding the power under the engine. This is going to be another story that I will talk about for a very long time.


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