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Salwa Awan

Mastering the art of Makeup by Salwa Awan

Salwa Awan, a prominent beauty  educator, a  well-known face in the Omani fashion and makeup industry,  a model and influencer and  is the true definition of beauty, class and finesse.

there is  more to  Salwa as  person , she is  one  of  theose people  who  follow  their  heart , Salwa  started off as a model and then switched to making YouTube videos where she taught the do-how’s of makeup. She is a self-taught makeup artist and continues to inspire many others to pursue their passions!  Salwa shares  her  passion  with  Bride& Groom  for  our  readers.

Tell us about your background!

I’ve been doing makeup since I was 16. I think it was from this age itself that I took makeup seriously.  My inspiration behind this was my mother. I grew up watching her work magic on the faces of so many brides! After trying  my  hand  in  modelling I realized my true passion lies in makeup. I tried working as a makeup artist when I was 19. It was when I started doing makeup that I realized, more than  doing makeup! I preferred teaching it. I do not consider myself a makeup artist, Instead, I am a makeup educator. During the last month before I left my job, I had a Master Class at the job itself. I realized I enjoyed teaching my clients. 2 months into leaving my job, I had my own Master Class. I run by this statement:  if you like makeup, you can learn and then play with it. It’s always in you.

Oman Bridal MakeupWhat are your interests besides makeup?

I started off as a model in the fashion industry. I am an influencer and makeup artist as well. I’ve always loved teaching and I in fact pursued it. I am a Montessori teacher and this is something really personal to me because I hardly speak about this! My mother let me follow everything I wanted but this was the one thing she wanted me to do. So I am a Montessori teacher by day and in the evening I do modelling and so on- so forth.

Tell us about your “Master  Classes”

The first rule I follow in my class is always have a minimum number of girls. This way I can give personal attention to each one of them. The first thing I do in my class is teach them to work with themselves. I ask them to start off by working on their own features. For example, if she has small eyes, she can learn how to make it bigger or vice versa. The idea behind this is, if you can work with your own assets, you can always perfect it on others. As of now I’ve had 5 classes in all, out of which one was not published and another just had my signature on the certificates. October, 2016 was when I officially started posting it. I received a lot of positive reviews and then I continued to conduct more classes within two months itself and got into collaborations with brands too! I’m going to have another Master Class this year, mostly in September depending upon my wedding dates!

Oman Bridal MakeupWhat is the difference between Bridal Makeup and the regular makeup?

The actual difference would usually depend upon the nationality of the bride. If I’m working on a westerner  who is going  to wear  white bridal  gown then the makeup is minimalistic. If I’m working on an Asian bride, who’s  bridal  wear is  colourful ,  then  the   makeup would be intricate with a lot of colours. When it comes to teaching, I not only teach them the basics but I focus on the smaller aspects to make it a bridal look. I teach a variation of girls ranging from ones who know everything, to ones who know nothing. So I teach right from the scratch, showing them how to work with colours and how to change the intensity of the colour to make it a bridal makeup. The basics remain the same, only the level of concentration changes for this. It’s a hard process with so much detailing!

Less is more- Does it hold true for a bride?

I believe in this statement completely. To put it in a simple way, men prefer minimum or no makeup. To watch his bride on the wedding day with too many colours and heavy makeup would be shocking to him! I have always been an advocate for the natural look. So enhancing your natural look would be the best choice. The idea is to look naturally extraordinary on your special day. Maybe you could go for darkened lip and a glowy skin, rather than overworking the face with too many colours. Less is definitely more!

How do you achieve the flawless finish for a bride? flawless finish

Whenever they come to me for consultation I always tell them that I can give your skin the flawless finish only if it is ready for it. I can always work the skin on the last minute but then a prepared skin will always work better. So maintaining your skin and eating right is very important for your skin to be prepared. As a bride they will be stressed and there might be breakouts but if you take care of it by using the right toners, oils and even rinsing it every night, you can manage to reduce this. As a makeup artist, I can work with makeup and so everything with it but I cannot give them a flawless finish with just makeup. There has to be a level of personal efforts to make this work.

Tell us about eye makeup for brides!

I personally don’t believe in too many colours on the eyes. I prefer neutral colours like brown and subtle gold. I believe that the darker shades makes  your  eye  look smaller. For me long lashes and liner is an essential as it further defines your eye. Usually, brides want a lot of colours and darker shades but I always suggest not to. Instead they can opt for bolder lips, a good amount of highlighting and neutral eyes with long lashes. This applies to any bride without any specifications. Moreover, these suggestions aren’t just based on my word. I always show them pictures so that they can decide for themselves.

Salwa AwanHow do you achieve the blush effect on brides?

A blushing bride is something that is out of the fairy-tales and nowadays with bolder brides we can only achieve this through makeup! The task here is to get the right glowy look without any wrinkles or cracks in the makeup. The whole makeup in this case is a completely different process. I use a lot of oil, fixing sprays and a lot of highlighters. A lot of blush and a lot of highlighter is my secret to creating the perfect look!

Bride fresh look

How can a bride keep herself fresh throughout the day?

It’s a very stressful day with various events. So I believe that the earlier I do the makeup the better. A few years ago, the makeup had to be done last minute to avoid cracking and so on but now it is way better. Nowadays, we have better quality makeup and when I do it before hand itself, it manages to blend in with the natural look. It looks more glowy. In case of oily skin, I ask them to carry a compact powder with them and dab it whenever they need it, so that the liner and other elements don’t go haywire. They could then use a coat of lipstick and they would look fresh. Another suggestion I give is to sprinkle some rose water onto their face. This is one of the best ways to remain lively!

How do you tear proof the wedding makeup?Salwa Awan

The first thing is that I use a water-proof liner which literally only comes off with an oil eye makeup remover. Most of the makeup artists, including me use Inglot 77 liner along with water-proof mascara. This is very important for a bride. Another thing is, I tell the brides to avoid rubbing their eyes when they cry and ask them to use a tissue instead. It almost looks like a practiced and sophisticated way of crying sometimes!

 Recommend for the Honeymoon

What kind of a look would you recommend for the Honeymoon? What are the essentials they must carry?

My favourite would be a very natural look with minimalistic or no makeup at all. That’s the kind of look any man would prefer on his wife. Natural beauty is the key to a man’s heart! But to achieve it through makeup is sort of tricky. The first thing I recommend is to get a lashes extension done because you manage to look prepared even if you wear no makeup. If you want to give a bit colour to your skin, you can always add a bit of blush. In case they have a lighter shade of eyebrows, they can get eyebrow tattoos done- temporary or permanent as per their convenience. With these nitty-gritties and a touch of gloss, they are ready to go without fussing too much about looking good!

Now coming to the things they must carry. BB Cream, gloss and a blush are the essentials they must always have. They don’t have to overload themselves with a very thick foundation, mascara and others unless they have a fancy set up. It’s all about looking natural at that moment. If required, you can carry a small palate of eyeshadows that many brands like Gucci, Isadora, Max factor offer. There are around three shadows in one palate and they can use it for their eyes, as a highlighter and maybe even use it on your brow!


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